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Geoff Martin


By Ian Ross


Geoff Martin is one of the modern breed of versatile entrepreneurs and business-seekers. His varied experiences have helped him see opportunities and better relate to both customers and to those who are embarking on their own business start-ups and ventures.

Growing up on the island province of Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada, he was the youngest of twelve. He learned from his elder siblings – three of whom are successful and established businesspeople still living on PEI.

"Their experience and knowledge along with other members of my family have been a source for ideas since as long as I can remember," says Geoff.

Likewise, Geoff’s father gave him an early appreciation for business acumen. Family businesses included property management, pizza and a hotel, all giving Geoff his perspective and experience.

"He was the archetypical entrepreneur from the 60s and 70s who could do anything in the era of the post-war boom. He built a 55-unit motel in Charlottetown, and had 12 kids to raise at the same time. He made me believe anything could be accomplished with enough effort."

Another quality passed on to Geoff was an appreciation for travel. His parents would rove as far south as Florida and Californian on family road trips that included not just his twelve siblings, but the family dog!

As Geoff grew up and made his way in the world, he would travel too. "I travelled out west in my twenties like every young man does and worked on the oil rigs." He then left that career to travel further and gain greater perspective.

"I went over to Taiwan to teach English for a year. Not only was Taiwan an incredible place to see, but it seems even the smallest homes or apartments had some kind of business going on! I later volunteered to teach for the church in Ukraine, and it opened my eyes to what a struggling and growing economy looked like. It was almost the economic opposite of Taiwan."

Now living in Halifax, Geoff has returned to entrepreneurship gaining both a real estate license and working as an agent through Royal LePage and leveraging his years of experience in property management.

Another exciting venture for Geoff is that he’s now the local licensee of the growing company IDropped, which specializes in the quick repair and turnaround of a growing number of Apple products from IPods to IPads and IPhones. Many of us can’t go for long without our smart phones or tablets and thanks to Geoff and IDropped, we don’t have to.

Whether it’s a malfunctioning component or a cracked screen, Geoff can repair the product generally within a couple of hours and offers a pick up and drop off service as well. Also, while consumers are sometimes sceptical to pick up a store’s extended warranty on such items, IDropped’s pricing is comparable to what the warranty would have been if it were purchased – but with the benefit of repairs being conducted locally and with a warranty of their own on the repairs.

Getting this word out is Geoff’s primary goal.

"When people think of convenient repair of their broken Apple product, I want them to think of IDropped and IDropped Halifax to come, pick up and fix it."

If you’re considering starting your business, Geoff points to the biggest consideration: "Without a doubt it’s financing. It almost makes more sense to start a business that needs next-to-no financing, because even people with great balance sheets have to impress the banks these days... Any business idea that involves large upfront investment is way too risky to move ahead with -- unless your investor is half owner of Google," he jokes.

But take all advice with "a grain of salt," he says, because, "You know your idea best."


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