Project Eve

Project Eve


By Christine Davison


In 2011, co-founders CEO Meridith Dennes and COO Kim Oksenberg started Project Eve to help bring women to the resources and people they required to build successful businesses and business relationships. Project Eve is a dedicated social media forum, allowing women to better understand their own unique capabilities, needs and obstacles in a way that lets them help one another across the board, and up the corporate ladder. In business, it’s important to have potential partnerships spread across the globe, and for many women, it is advantageous and preferable to network together with other women.

When Meridith and Kim decided to focus more on raising their families, they also decided to step away from the corporate world to obtain the flexibility they needed. They soon both discovered firsthand the personal and professional isolation that can occur from working outside of the traditional male-centered business environment. With this came an epiphany: the digital-age meant isolation was no longer an absolute for women in similar situations. Out of this, Project Eve was born.

No Sharp Elbows is the slogan, as well as philosophy behind Project Eve.

"The male-dominated start-up community can be intimidating; it seems to thrive on competition and bravado" says Kim, "Meridith and I wanted to create a safe, positive, constructive forum for women to discuss and fully develop their ideas before having to defend them."

After all in business, it’s always easier to follow in someone’s footsteps if their footprints are similar to your own.

Project Eve offers access to a "like-minded global business network dedicated to furthering female entrepreneurship." A member of Project Eve can "…create a detailed business profile, learn more about other members, and find new members who have the expertise they are looking for." There are few other places where women have such opportunities to join live forums and chat rooms related to the industry they’re in or to learn about what other members are currently doing. The site encourages blogging and shares business resources such as webinars, site links, jobs boards and the ability to feature a product, blog or women-headed business on Project Eve as well as in the weekly online subscription newsletter, Caffeine Break. There may soon even be an opportunity to list in a cross-sector business directory on the site, allowing women more freedom and ease in regards to female-centered business networking. When women work at home, there are precious few organizations for them to turn to for answers or assistance. Project Eve changes the way members can find and interact with one another. It’s a conference for and about women-centered enterprise that’s open 24/ 7.

Meridith’s favorite story is their first forum post. Meridith shares, "She was a writer who really wanted to have her own website but kept getting stuck. Within two days, 35 members of the community offered tips, tricks, and free advice on how to create a website based on their own experience. From that post we created our community forum ‘Help an Eve Out’ – Project Eve’s trusted forum for our members to ask a question, start a discussion, share an idea, provide constructive feedback."

Project Eve is currently in the process of re-launching their website to better showcase their content and to improve their member’s user interface and experience. As Project Eve’s membership steadily grows, so does their member’s ability to create, learn, co-operate and succeed.


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