Working at Home Moms,

Working Together


By Christine Davison


Britt Raposo, a work at home mom, has been happily married to her best friend and husband for over ten years and is also the proud mother of two beautiful girls, ages nine and ten. At the age of forty-three, Britt really does have a lot to be proud of. She keeps on her toes as the owner of several websites, to provide much more to her online communities than just another place on the web. She is the face behind CanadianMomsOnline.ca, CalgaryMoms.ca and Working At Home Moms or WAHMCanada.

On top of everything, Raposo also runs a local trade show, The Calgary Moms’ Trade Fair, in her hometown of Calgary, Alberta, once a year -- which has proven to be very popular, bringing in mompreneurs and customers from all across Canada and the United States. Even though Britt puts her family first, she makes sure to make business and online networking a very close second. Her ingénue, hard work and cooperative efforts provide support and friendship to Canadian "wahms" and moms across North America.

The WAHMCanada website currently offers directories on "Work At Home Jobs" and "Business Opportunities" to help bring potential employers and work at home employees together, as well as various hot topic articles giving advice on subjects as diverse, informative and instructive as "How to Introduce Children to a Foreign Language" and ideas for work at home jobs, to more entertaining and homier stories about recipes and comfortable ways to set up a new home office.

With the new re-design of their website, Britt is hoping to achieve many new things. She’d like to encourage new blog contributors and so will be opening up the site even more to accept bloggers on WAHMCanada. The WAHMCanada community is after all, a very active one, and (like herself and her family), are overwhelmingly dedicated to the site. WAHMCanada has more than a few volunteer web administrators that happily help keep the WAHMCanada community free of spam and any form of bullying. Members expect a lot from the website but are sure to put a lot into it as well. WAHMCanada is definitely a team effort and a testament to what an online community can provide.

Britt Raposo explains the reasons for starting the site.

"I opened WAHMCanada way back in 2004 with the thought of connecting with other Canadian work-at-home moms to seek advice, motivation and friendship. In 2004 there were many websites and communities for American wahms but nothing for Canada. Through the years it has changed into something wonderful that connects all Canadian wahms together."

She is very proud of what she’s accomplished and hopeful for what the future will bring. One thing certainty is that each and every click on the WAHMCanada website will continue to bring members, new and old alike, to page after page showcasing the warmth and diversity of the community it hosts and the website itself.

Though WAHMCanada is chiefly for work at home moms, like her, there may be some changes in the works as more and more fathers are choosing to work from home while being the primary caregivers for their children. While Britt doesn’t especially believe that her "demographic will change when it comes to the community itself", she is "hoping that more dads and other family members that own a work-at-home business will become more active on the website."

If you, or someone you know, is a work at home employee or employer, then visit the hardworking and helpful community at wahmcanada.ca.


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