Pink Slip Inspiration

Pink Slip Inspiration


By Christine Davison


Jillian Ellis started out as a teacher but soon pinned her hopes on sewing and selling some of the cutest decorations youíll ever see.

Choosing to market her handiwork on the online shopping site Etsy in August, sheís since made over 500 sales and is attracting customers from all over.



What made you want to start your own business?


Iím not sure I ever decided that I wanted to start my own business per se; it was more of a "happy accident." I graduated from college and had every intention of becoming a high school English teacher. I went to graduate school and received my Teaching Credential and began teaching soon after.

Unfortunately, due to budget cuts and teacher layoffs I found myself looking for my next adventure. Iíve always wanted to have a job that I felt good about, that I could pour my passion in to and see progress and change at the end of the day. As a young teacher I could really connect with my students, build relationships, bring energy and fun in to the classroom, and, coincidentally, be vulnerable to budget cuts.

When it came time to take my income in to my own hands I turned to Etsy and opened my own shop. I knew I was momentarily leaving teaching behind, but wanted it to be a part of my new business ventures. This is where Pink Slip Inspiration came in to the picture. I wanted my shop to reflect where I have been and where I am going. I truly love making the items in my shop. I feel a connection to people once again. If you can dream it, I can make it. I am constantly reinventing myself each day and finding new items that inspire me.



What are the positives and negatives of going into business on your own in todayís economy?


There were many positives in starting my own business in todayís economy. After being laid off from a job I loved due to the economy and never knowing whether or not I had a secure job, I knew I could count on myself.

As a teacher it was maddening to know that I could do my best to teach my students and work as hard as possible and still lose my job at the end of the year to a less-dedicated, more senior teacher; however, today I know that my hard work and dedication to my business is benefiting me at the end of the day. I see my products leave the shop each day and can seek out growth on my own.

As a young adult starting off in life I am surrounded by individuals looking for work and have been able to hire hard-working friends that otherwise would be out of work. There are always willing hands to help that are very supportive of my success.



What are your greatest strengths?


At the end of the day I had nothing to lose. I had been brought down by a system that I believe is broken and wanted to take life into my own hands. I was willing to take a risk, to find something I enjoy and give it a shot.

Through the years I have learned resiliency is the key in surviving this economy. I was let go from one teaching job and decided to go back to school. Once school started I was offered another teaching job, so I again left school and went back to teaching. Weeks later I was let go again and Iíd had enough. I always knew that I had to bounce back and try something else. I wasnít about to let it get me down.

Resiliency and flexibility has allowed me to constantly reinvent myself and what I want from life and my career.



Now that you are established, is there anything you wish you had done differently or known about earlier?


I am still so overwhelmed with the initial, and unexpected, growth that I am trying to keep up with demand and ensuring high-quality products. It would have been nice to anticipate the growth and demand, but it has been a great problem to have and Iím very appreciative to be in this position.

Iím still working on establishing my business and working on the longevity of my products.



What advice would you give to someone else starting a home-based business?


If I were to give anyone advice on starting a home-based business I would simply tell them to go along for the ride. I really had no expectations for myself other than to be happy with my life and the products I was creating. If you have a passion for your craft and give it your all someone else will appreciate it for what it is. I looked for a niche that I thought people would enjoy, which happens to be Christmas stockingsÖ go figure, and went for it.


LINK: Pink Slip Inspiration's online store at Etsy.



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