The Year of the Snake:

Year of the Snake for business

Five Points of Focus for Business Success

By Ian Ross



This year is the year of the snake which is all about focusing oneís efforts. Thatís absolutely important at all times but especially as entrepreneurs and self-directed business people. To this end, weíve assembled five quick suggestions to consider. Hope you find them helpful.


Work Smarter, Not Harder

This maxim goes back to the 1930s, coined by Allan F. Mogensen, the creator of "Work Simplification". Itís always a true principle to stick to. We have fewer and fewer spare hours in our days and as we get older, ingenuity must overtake elbow grease in getting our tasks done in that diminishing time. On a positive note, the interconnectedness and opportunities arising in the world today give ample ways to simplify and streamline the most arduous pursuits.


Set Productivity Goals as Opposed to Revenue Targets

We all want to make more money but understand that it can be impossible in a challenging business climate, such as what weíve been experiencing under recessionary threat. Rather than setting monetary goals for your business this year, consider activity and productivity based goals to help quantify how youíre improving your business each day, week or month.


Evaluate Your Product Line

Donít be afraid or too sentimental to give up a product or service that is losing you money. Conversely, what can you add to your offerings this year, to grow revenues? Remember that flexibility can be the greatest strength of a small business or microbusiness.


Hire and Higher

Seek out and retain the right people to help you out, either as employees or partners. When it comes to junior employees or successors, take time to help them improve in their knowledge of the business so that one day they can take on a greater load.


Be Thoughtful and Focused in the Year of the Snake

The Lunar New Year commences February 10, beginning the year of the Black Snake, or Water Snake, in the Chinese zodiac. Snake years call for focus and attentiveness to detail or tasks, so take time to work out logical solutions to business challenges. Folklore suggests that a snake in the house means your family will not starve and Water Snakes, especially, are said to both have money flow toward them, while also being a well of creativity.



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