WildRidge Design

WildRidge Design


By Christine Davison

Christi Teske started WildRidge Design in 2011, selling handcrafted custom-scented wreaths from her home in Ashton, Idaho. Her unique and beautiful designs were chosen to be showcased on ABCís ĎExtreme Makeover Home Editioní, in an episode airing this past December 3.

Christi is a wonderful crafter with a beautiful family who is blessed by many things. One of which is her very busy business that has helped to change the direction of her life and the lives of others around her.

Christi thought she would be starting her career as a nurse after she received her RN-Nursing degree in 2010, but life often has twists and turns. Unfortunately, Christi suffered a stroke a few months after graduation. When she discovered that she wouldnít be able to return to nursing, she started to come up with other ideas. In her own words, Christi says, " I was trying to find something I could do at home to pay all our medical bills, as well as help support our large family. My husband was skeptical [but] he thought Etsy would give me something to do and keep my mind off not being able to return to nursing. Surprisingly, it has turned into a full time job, plus I have had to hire outside help."

Entrepreneurs who work from home and utilize online resources to generate new sources of income are becoming more and more common. The internet is a popular place to shop and many crafters wind up showcasing their wares on many virtual crafters markets such as Etsy, which Christi is very glad she found.

"It has been a huge blessing in my life!" Christi happily exclaims. Many people who work from home wish to remain employed, but may not be able to meet the demands of traditional work outside of the home due to health issues, family responsibilities, or mobility. These entrepreneurs enjoy the flexibility of being self-employed thanks to the easily accessible venue of the world-wide web.

Christi realizes that being an entrepreneur takes time and hard work and gives the following advice to other fledgling start-ups: "Donít give up. I think getting feed back helps. It is hard to receive critical remarks, but that is how you learn, grow and improve your product. Use any resources available."

Christi perceives mainly positives when she talks about her work, and likes to label negative experiences as challenges. Both positives and negatives help her business grow, just as they help her to heal.

"The positives are Iím at home with my family more. I can arrange my schedule so I can be at all their sports and activities, which I LOVE to watch. For me personally, when Iím having a bad day (due to the stroke) I can lie down or rest whenever I need to.

"The challenges, or negatives, for me are balancing my time with my family and work. When you have your business Ďin your homeí it is hard to separate it and get away or take a break from it. There is always the stress involved with meeting deadlines or handling problems that arise. Learning to financially manage the business at first is tricky and a learning process."

Christi is a lifelong learner and valuable resource, not just to herself, her family and her clients, but also to her local entrepreneurial community, where she is starting a support group for other home-based businesses. Itís important to her to network with family and friends to get ideas, and to get the word out about new business. She says, "I have found you can help each other grow and learn together."


LINK: Wildridge Design's online store at Etsy.



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